Broward Homeless Shelter FLORIDA

‘Work hard, Rest Hard’, is my moto so for the next 5 weeks. I’ll be sight seeing, lounging and spending time with my family in the USA.

Well to be honest there is no real rest from being a full time musician you’ve always got to be prepped for the next booking and planning ahead so there’s a steady income. What I earn today is the result of plans made and executed in the past.

The members of the ‘Cooper City Outreach team’ in Fort Lauderdale FLORIDA, asked me if I would play at the Broward Homless Shelter they’re involved in, so I jumped at the opportunity. The people there were very receptive of my playing and made me feel right at home. Places like this remind you that life is fragile in many ways,  and circumstances can change to the point that you’re homeless with no place to go.

As a musician I want to be able to give, support, buildup, survive and thrive from my gift.


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