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This is a 5 track concept is based on moments throughout the day. The general idea is to have the music playing throughout the day to motivate the listener.

I had the opportunity to perform and lecture at a new venture called ‘Artist Page’ based in Bermondsey South London.

Artistpage is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing community perspectives through the sharing of ideas, music and talks.

The afternoon was filled with talents from all walks of life, simply sharing their musical expressions.

I was called to the stage by founder Tunday, a great friend and fellow saxophonist.  I decided to play the title track from my up coming EP – ‘Get Me Through The Day’, which I performed with my wife Nadine Lee.  The crowd loved it! It’s always nice when you get an overwhelming response from the audience after performing your music.  It feels like they actually ‘get it’.

My lecture topic was ‘Beyond Music’. I won’t give you the full run down but I’ll tell you what I was talking about in a sentence – ‘Your music is more powerful than you think, take your time with it and you’ll speak to nations’.

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